Roma Mentors Project

mentorsThe project covers 5 European countries with significant number of Roma population: Hungary (implementing partner: “Bim Brao”), Slovakia (“Ternipe”), Macedonia (implementing partner “Darhia”), Czech Republic (implementing partner “ROMEA”) and Bulgaria.

The aim of Roma Mentors Project is to connect Roma professionals in arts and Culture with schools and community centers, to generate change in the children’s self-awareness and consciousness, as well as to increase their knowledge about Roma culture through positive role-models and to develop their skills in one selective field of Arts.

Sham Foundation attracted 15 young Roma professionals, 12 of them with University degrees in Journalism, Fine and Applied Arts, Pedagogy, Visual arts, Music, Dance performances, Theatre to work for this cause of motivating and keeping Roma children at school, and also to stimulate intercultural dialogue between Roma and Non-Roma students.

  • 300 Roma and non-Roma pupils between 2nd -9th grades involved in Bulgaria- 15 school groups in 9 Bulgarian Regions.
  • For the last school year 2012/2013, pupils spend more than 500 hours discovering Roma culture, history, language and traditions, met professional artists, journalists and experts in Culture.
  • For 2012/2013 we have realized 17 local, regional and one national event, aiming decreasing of discrimination against Roma (gypsies), popularization of the modern and traditional Roma culture and arts and mutual understanding.

Each of the 15 school groups has between15-20 pupils (Roma and non-Roma), 300 in total for 2012/2013 school year. Meetings between Mentors and pupils take approximately 1-2 hours, twice per month using “learning by doing” method.

Mentors (Roma professionals) together with teachers and students worked on creation of photo exhibitions, dance and music performances, school newspapers, theatre plays, books with Roma legends and tales, applied arts production (accessories from polymer clay, souvenirs), pictures on popular Roma legends etc.